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Enlightened. Improved. Empowered. If we are to use three words to describe the latest 2018 version of the Dell XPS 13 in all its White Alpine glory. This is ...

Replete with all the indicators and whistles expected from Apple’s flagship device, the Apple MacBook Pro has arrived a few months before, and it may look a ...

Welcome to our guide to the best laptops for video editing. All laptops on this page offer brilliant performance for video editors and prove beyond a doubt ...

Best Laptops Under $300: While modern laptops can hold hardware that makes desktops blush, not everyone needs all that power - and everyone does not have the ...

Best Chromebooks

$199.79 $249.99

It is not easy to separate the best Chromebooks from the rest of the package, especially if they all have similar names and only a few (apart from Google) have ...

Best Cheap Gaming Laptops

$771.74 $809.99

The best gaming laptops just keep getting better, with more advanced features, better designs, stronger internals, and even improved battery life. And in ...

Best Laptops For Students

$537.67 $649.99

It's time for school and college again, which means many of us are probably looking for the best laptops for students. Our guide has been compiled to take the ...

Best 2-in-1 Laptops

$695.00 $749.00

Choosing the best 2-in-1 laptops is no easier when there are so many top-of-the-line hybrid models on the market - but our experts can certainly help you make ...

Best Laptops of 2020

$537.67 $649.99

Finding the best laptops is more important than ever, especially now that many of us work and study at home. With a great laptop, you can do a variety of tasks ...

Best OLED Laptops

$1,501.14 $2,499.00

Organic LED (OLED) panels provide excellent image quality, brightness, and contrast, using organic compounds to emit visible light. These screens are light and ...

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